!!! Grading in KMG Ireland HQ !!!

Krav Maga eXplode photo

Another great event very well hosted by Stephen Cooley in Ashbourne.
Students started their level test at 1pm under watchful eyes of KMG ireland experts:
- Stephen Cooley
- Erik Ladika
- Stephen Smullen
- Robert Derewianyk.

Nearly 40 people on the mat from Graduate Level 2 to Practitioner Level 1 were tested almost six hours and ended with great result where 100% candidates successfully passed.

Congratulations to all students who did their grading this weekend. Well done !!!
Big thanks to Stephen Cooley for organizing this event and all instructors who helped during grading.

First Graduate Level student in the club:
- Iwona Derewianyk G1

New Practitioner Level in the club:
- Aidan Jennings P3

- Alan Freney P2
- Kyle Shepherd P2

- Aleksandra Kurkowska P1
- Sebastian Kowalczyk P1
- Aidan Conneely P1
- Brian Egan P1
- Oisin Fennell P1

I would like to also mention great attitude of  Eoin Burns (P4 student) who was a partner at the grading for our G1 student.

Well done !!! Keep up the great job !!!