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Krav Maga Kids

03-04-2020 Corona Virus Safety

17-04-2020 Straight Punches Combo

24-04-2020 Superman Punch

1-05-2020 Kicks From the Ground

7-05-2020 Slips

15-05-2020 Striking Socks

22-05-2020 Defending Bear Hugs part 1

5-06-2020 Magic

12-06-2020 Defending With a Stick

19-06-2020 Roundhouse Knee Kick

26-06-2020 Skipping Kicks


Mobility / Stretching

upper dog  photo
Stretching and Opening Hips

Foam Roller

Stretching on the Chair

Using Medical Plaster

Using Rubber Power Band

After Waking up

Using Stick

Stomach Massage

Bits of Yoga


Stretching- Releasing Fascia

Figure 8

Foam Roller 2

Stretching Hips

Hips Opening

Hip Flexors


Hips Opening 2

Foam Roller 3

Stretching With a Towel (Lower Body)

Hips Stretching

Opening Hips 3

Stretching Shoulders

Stretching Legs

Stretching Using Towel (Upper Body)

Getting Free Fascia

Getting Free Fascia

Stretching at the Office

Legs, Hips and Relax

Krav Maga Adults

Defending Stick Thrust

side kick
(P3) Skipping Kicks (II)

HAir grab photo
Defending Hair Grabs and Full Nelson

Inisde defence
Defending Kicks

Scooping Defence
Scooping Defence vs Kicks

Bear hugs
(P4) Defence vs Bearhugs From the Rear and Side

Defending Oriental Knife Attacks

Stabbing Defence
Stabbing Defence vs Punch

Superman Punch
Superman Punch

kicks from the ground photo
Kicks From the Ground

VIP Protection


Spinning Elbow

Advanced Kicks

(P4) Pushing / Pulling choke

Defending Knife Straight Stab

(P1/P2) Elbow Strikes

Defending Stick Overhead Attacks

Defence Against Front Kick

Defending Stick Attacks From a Chair

(P2) Distance vs Tools

Defending Ice-pick Knife Attacks From Side

Attacking and Defending With a Stick

Jumping Hook Punch

Defending Knife Slash

(P1) Defending Choke From Front (timeline)

(P2) Defending Chokes on the Ground

(P3) Skipping Kicks (I)

(P4) Defending Punches

(P5) Chokes on the Ground

(G1) Chokes and Headlocks on the Ground

(P5) Defending high roundhouse kick

Defending Elbow, Hook & Uppercut