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Our instructor team are very happy to teach you life skills, to help you increase your fitness and strength. Our instructors are taking care keeping EGO at correct level that every member of the club can feel confident. We are proud that  we can provide classes as Krav Maga Global affiliate school.All our instructors are highly skilled, fully qualified, fully garda vetted, first aid certified, child protection certified.
 Krav Maga eXplode Team

Krav Maga eXplode Head Instructor

Robert Derewianyk photo

Robert Derewianyk

Krav Maga Adults Instructor
Krav Maga Kids / Teens Instructor
Krav Maga VIP & 3rd party protection Instructor
Krav Maga Combat & Fighting Instructor
Krav Maga Combat Mindset Instructor

Expert Level 2

-Krav Maga

Robert is full time instructor very dedicated to teach Krav Maga to his students. He started Krav Maga training in 2009. Since then he constantly up grades his knowledge and skills taking part in every instructor update, training camp and courses organized in Ireland. Moreover he is trained and tested in Israel by Master Eyal Yanilov and top Krav Maga instructors in the world.

Krav Maga eXplode Instructor

Iwona Derewianyk

Krav Maga Adults Instructor

Graduate Level 3

-Krav Maga

Iwona started training Krav Maga in 2011 after a home invasion. Since then she has gained experience by taking part in both seminars and courses on the topic of self defence.

In 2018 she had successfully passed a KMG instructor course and is now fully qualified.

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Check out our classes, Feel great atmosphere and Learn how to defend yourself and others.