Special Programs

Transition Year and Foroige

Krav Maga eXplode designed unique program for Transition Year students in colleges and Foroige.

It is not only about self-defence but also about awareness and safety procedures.

The 6 week course will contain talks, multimedia (photos, videos) and physical exercises. It’s planned for 6 sessions. Each session will last 90 minutes.

Every session will have a different subject such as:
·         Discos
·         Kidnapping/attempted abduction
·         Robbery,  etc.

Small Groups

Small Groups up to eight people are very efficient in training.
– You will feel a team spirit which helps you to keep motivated.
– You will achieve your goals quicker and easier.
– You will train with people like you.

360 defense photo

One to One Tuition

Great program for those who want to accelerate their progress in Krav Maga training.
– Makes significant improvement while preparing for your next level in Krav Maga grading system.
– Individual approach makes you feel special.
– Train or learn techniques what you need and want to learn.


Programs for companies can be tailored as required depends on threats, environment and special policies.
– Awareness while going to work or back home. 
– How to behave on a car park.
– How to deal with threats and dangers at your workplace.
– And many more…