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Kids learn Krav Maga: KMG (Krav Maga Global) Teaching children how to defend themselves.

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Feel secure in knowing that you children will be able to deal with life's unfamiliar and dangerous situations!


Your child will learn to defend against common attacks used by bullies such as:
-hair pulls,
-bear hugs,
-headlocks, etc.

Also program Stranger-Danger which is designed against kidnapping. How to escape from an adult who could try to trick and drag your child to dangerous place.

Beside teaching kicks and punches Krav Maga eXplode teaches kids how to behave in difficult and stressful situations. How to avoid problems in and out of school. Kids learn self defence appropriate to their age. Every  class is composed to learn life skills through games. We teach children to be disciplined, focused and assertive which means be polite and tough yet.  Prepare your child to any of the situation that can be harm to him. Nowadays when violence and bullying becoming more common we need to give our child tools to deal with it, to back home safe. These tools/ skills your kid will get on Krav Maga class whilst play sometimes not even realized that they learn very important, saving life skills. It is essential that young people acquire skills, abilities, techniques and the tactics to cope with any unexpected confrontation inflicted upon them.



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What our kids are doing

Those few video will show you what we are doing at the classes.
Enjoy !!

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Grading for Kids & Teens

The Krav Maga for kids grading system is divided into 4 main categories; Kids, Young, Junior and Teenager Levels according to their age.  Each age group has 5 levels and has its own badges of merit which are colour coded as described.

KMG K1 patch photo

Kids Level (K1-K5)

 Krav Maga student`s badge age 5-7. The grading badge is blue with gray bars.

1 bar = Kids Level 1 (K1)

KMG Y4 patch

Young Level (Y1-Y5)

  Krav Maga student`s badge age 8-10. The grading badge is red with gray bars.

4 bars = Young Level 4 (Y4)

KMG J3 patch photo

Junior Level (J1-J5)

 Krav Maga student`s badge age 11-12. The grading badge is khaki with gray bars.

3 bars = Junior Level 3 (J3)

Teenager Level (T1-T5)

 Krav Maga student`s badge age 13-16. The grading badge is gray with black bars.

2 bars = Teenager Level 2 (T2)

KMG Junior logo photo

KMG Teens logo photo



- Galway
Location: Unit 7, Glenrock Buisness Park, Ballybane, Tuam Rd, Galway, H91KC97, Ireland
Date: Thursday
Time: 6.30pm
Duration: 50 minutes
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- Castlebar
   Start Date: Friday

Time: 6:00pm
Duration: 50 minutes
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    Covid – 19

    Because of the Covid -19 situation, we are taking special precaution rules to which all participants have to comply:

    1. Prior to commencing sport or physical activity, all participants should self-assess against the symptoms of COVID-19.
    2. Participants should arrive ‘ready to train’ and not require the use of a changing area prior to the activity commencement.
    3. Participants should be asked to bring their own water bottles with their name clearly marked, towels and where possible personal equipment, and recommended not to share these with others.
    4. Participants should be encouraged to adopt good respiratory hygiene, covering their nose and mouth when they cough or sneeze, and using a tissue which is immediately disposed of.
    5. All participants should fill in the form below prior to attending the class.

    Covid-19 Screening Form

    Please fill in the form prior your child will attend the class.