Success Stories

What our students are saying

Practitioner Level 2

I have been attending Krav Maga classes in Castlebar for a year now, I have enjoyed it tremendously and benefitted both physically and mentally. I played soccer competitively for years but I have never been as physically athletic and trim from head to toe as I have been since I started doing Krav. I think the secret is the full body workout that you don't realise you are doing constantly.I have also gained mentally as Krav will give you real confidence. There is a great comfort in knowing that if you become the victim of an attack, you will perform, you will have the tools to see off the attacker in a heart beat. These classes are not for aggressors, they have been tailored for self defence.

From Paul Cuddy

Practitioner Level 4

I started Krav Maga after an attack at my home. Krav training has increased my confidence. It is a great skill to learn. I have met and become friends with people of all ages and abilities and from different countries. The training makes you feel good, keeps you healthy and you can have a laugh. We are lucky to have a great instructor who takes the time to personally evaluate and guide us all to dig deeper and get better. Krav has given me great discipline and I look forward to each session. I thoroughly recommend that everyone at least tries Krav Maga (KMG Global) and it will open you up to great things. Krav Maga Explode is available to everyone in the Mayo/Galway area so come along. From my experience I’m sorry this was not available many years ago.

From Tony Moyles