!!! Krav Maga eXplode is 4 years old now !!!

First grading Krav Maga eXplode photo

Time is flying...
I finished my Krav Maga Instructor course on  6th of November 2011 and I had everything ready, meaning posters were ready to print, training halls were booked, advertisement for newspaper ready. Still remember my first class on 22nd of November 2011. On the first  day had two classes, 37 people on the floor in total. Nervous as hell, hard to talk, hard to smile but kept everything inside. I was hoping that nobody seen this.
One of the very first student is still trains with me - recently graded to Practitioner Level 4 - Tony Gavin.
I am very proud and happy that I have great bunch of very dedicated people who are making the club. Some of you are with me few years, some of are with few days.

Quick review of 4 years.

- Instructor Expert Level 1
- 2 assistant instructors

- 5   students Practitioner Level 5
- 10  students Practitioner Level 4
- 4    students Practitioner Level 3
- 12  students Practitioner Level 2
- 21  students Practitioner Level 1

Over 50 active adult students.
Over 40 active kids students.

Many camps and seminars our club attended with top of the top of Krav Maga instructors in the world:
Master 3 - funder of KMG Eyal Yanilov
Master 1 - Zeev Cohen
Expert 5 - Tommy Blom
Expert 4 - Rune Lind
Expert 4 - Ilya Dunsky
Expert 4 - Tal Kvores
Expert 4 - Franklyn Hartkamp
Expert 3 - Albert Kagalski
and many more...